I’m a singer, songwriter and musician struggling to find time between five and nine to write, refine and perform my music. As often as they’re about therapy and self-expression, my songs turn out to be lessons learned, mementos of success and failure, or just string on my fingers.

Early On
Experiences early on in life left me (as they often can) with a pervasive sense of being outside of the normal world; isolated and unable to speak up clearly about it. My quiet search went on for years for a cure and some confidence, with no luck. So, already in my early twenties and spurred on by a desire to sing, I picked up my younger brother’s guitar and started to learn. And then to write and perform.
After years of playing every Open Mic night and bar gig I could find, scrambling to catch-up from a twenty-something start with the guitar, I found myself often being asked “When’s the album coming out?” I didn’t have an answer.

I made the choice to start recording some of my original material following a performance at a fundraising event. After concluding my set, I was asked by drummer Jeff Burrows (The Tea Party, Crash Karma) about whether I had recorded any of my songs. When I replied that I hadn’t, he offered to introduce me to producer Martin Bak of SLR Studios and to play drums on my tracks. The resulting sessions at SLR have yielded two singles (Someone, Let It All Go) with a debut EP in the works.